City luminaries shine bright at 2024 Manhattan Power List

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2024 Manhattan Power List
Photo: Ralph DePas

Bryant Park Grill was aglow Wednesday night, as 56 of the city’s luminaries in business, politics and community leadership were celebrated at the 2024 Manhattan Power List, presented by Schneps Media.

The supercharged networking event brought together industry leaders across the spectrum, creating opportunities to continue empowering New Yorkers.

“We serve 90% minority [sic] communities,” said Dr. Larry Johnson, President of the Stella and Charles Guttman Community College and a second time honoree. “Being here and networking allowed me to really expand the brand of the institution.”

“Many of the persons who are honorees and guests tonight are opportunities for me to partner with them, for example, the internships for our students,” he added.

Schneps Media, publishers of amNY Metro, PoliticsNY, The Villager, Chelsea Now, and Gay City News, hosted the event.

Amid the loud cheers and whistles, the honorees freestyle danced down the red carpet one by one, with DJs hyping up the atmosphere with a dedicated soundtrack for each person, before collecting their golden trophy.

Power List Manhattan brought together different professionals from community activists, elected officials, to business leaders under one roof.

The evening started with a VIP Power Hour, exclusive for honorees to engage with each other, followed by a Cocktail Hour for the honorees and the guests to exchange handshakes and business cards mingle with each other before galloping toward the dining hall for the main event of the awards presentation.

“It’s important to build connections in any field,” said Austin Cheng, CEO of Gramercy Surgery Center and one of the night’s honorees. “A lot of opportunities arise because you have a network; the bigger the network, the more opportunities.”

Fellow honoree Imran Ansari, partner at Aidala, Bertuna & Kamins, PC, has experienced the benefits of networking events like this firsthand.

“Schneps Media really has helped me in my career in my profession in the legal industry branch out, make connections in other industries, as well as with other lawyers and media,” he said. “It’s bringing great people together, warm hearts, big minds and people that are doing great things and changing the world.”

Roger G. Arrieux, Jr., New York Managing Partner at Deloitte and another honoree of the evening underscored the importance of networking particularly for service-based industries.

“We at Deloitte, we don’t sell products, but rather services,” he said. “Services are bought by individuals, and those that buy our services are those we have relationships with.”

Non-profit and charitable organizations also benefit from these networking opportunities, according to Leonard Achan, president & CEO of LiveOnNY.

“It’s always great to be a part of Schneps Events,” he said. “The biggest reason that I’m excited to be here is because this continues to get the word out about the unbelieveable work that we do at LiveOnNY around organ and tissue donation.”

Schneps Media has a long history of entrepreneurship and advocacy, a history that first attracted honoree Bonnie Comely, Found and CEO of BroadwayHD.

“I’ve met Victoria Schneps, who is the founder, and I find her to be an absolute trailblazer and inspiration for business owners everywhere,” she said. “She started a business at her kitchen table and became a media mogul.

Besides being a powerful networking event, Power List capitalizes on the opportunity to support a local cause with raffles, committing 100% of proceeds to the non-profit organization, the Boys and Girls Club of Harlem, which empowers more than 1500 young minds through education and community engagement.

“I’m always looking to collaborate with other nonprofit organizations as well as corporate organizations, because it’s all about building an ecosystem for development and for making New York a better place for all of us,” said Sharon Joseph, CEO of the Boys and Girls Club of Harlem.

“Last year, I actually came here as a guest. I met a wonderful person who was the CEO of a major corporation. He supported my organization,” she added, highlighting the ample opportunities the event provides. Joseph says she is honored to be a part of the Power List just a year later.  

And perhaps it’s what happens after the event that matters most.

“It’s all about results, it’s all about meeting the needs of so many people,” said TV meteorologist Mr. G, another of the night’s honorees and a host for the evening alongside Emmy Award-winning journalist Monica Morales. “The night doesn’t end with these people, they follow through. That’s what makes this night so special.” 

The Schneps’ Power List, originally started for the mover and shakers of Long Island, 21 years ago has expanded to Queens, Bronx, Brooklyn and Manhattan in the last few years.

Coming up on April 18 is Power Women of Manhattan at Bryant Park Grill, celebrating the fearless women making a difference across all professions, serving Manhattan communities.