Freelancers Relief Fund aims to assist out-of-work independent contractors during COVID-19 pandemic

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A nationwide union is making sure that freelancers are financially stable amid the coronavirus pandemic.

To help freelancers in their time of need, the Freelancers Union is launching the Freelancers Relief Fund, a direct aid fund that will help independent workers affected by the COVID-19 pandemic so they can pay for their expenses like rent, utilities, and groceries.

According to the Freelancers Union, more than 80% of freelancers that they surveyed are losing thousands of dollars due to the spread of coronavirus. After the state ordered social distancing and a business lockdown, many working freelancers have been prohibited from doing their jobs.

“Freelancers are facing the biggest threat to their livelihoods in modern history. They’re unsure how they will be able to pay the bills if events and jobs continue to be canceled in the coming weeks and months,” said Freelancers Union President and Executive Director Rafael Espinal. “For those who live gig-to-gig, waiting weeks or months for government aid to come through just isn’t an option. Freelancers Relief Fund will get cash in their hands now to help with essential expenses.” 

The Freelancers Relief Fund will give financial assistance of up to $1,000 per freelance household affected by COVID-19, whether through illness, lost work, or unexpected caregiving responsibilities.

The Freelancers Union is asking its network of partners and members who are financially able to donate to the fund at donate.workingtoday.org. The fund is launching with donations from Fiverr, Upwork, Wethos, and AND.CO.

For more information, visit www.freelancersunion.org/resources/freelancers-relief-fund.