Cooking with snow: The best desserts

It’s free, it’s fresh, it’s fun — sweeten up your blizzard with snow desserts!

What are you going to do with over two feet of snow? Eat it, of course. 

A massive snowstorm may not be the time to venture out to fulfill a Dairy Queen Blizzard craving, but you can still get frozen desserts using one easy ingredient: snow.

Obviously, snow off the sidewalk or snow banks with footprints or odd coloring are not the place to forage your grub, but try setting out a bowl during the height of the storm or scooping a fresh layer outside your apartment for ideal dessert-making.

We have a few ideas on how to use your frozen forage…


Sweet Snow Ice Cream. Homesick Southerners can reminisce on warmer days with Paula Deen’s recipe for Snow Ice Cream. Condensed milk, vanilla and plenty of snow is all it takes for this Southern specialty.


Snow Shakes. Grab a straw and get ready to drink your snow. Mix a glass of snow with milk, sugar, vanilla extract and even some cocoa powder for a fun winter treat. This snow day, you’re just going to shake, shake, shake!


Snowcones. Obvious, but delicious. Purchase flavored syrups like Monin brand before the storm and roll cardboard into cones to hold your snow. If you prefer homemade, make a simple syrup with equal parts sugar, water and twice as many raspberries (or the fruit of your choice), heating until sugar is dissolved. Let cool and drizzle over snow!


‘Little House on the Prairie’ Snow Candy. Make like a pioneer and appease your sweet tooth with Little House’s official recipe. Brown sugar, molasses and snow unite to make a historic sweet treat that might just leave you hoping for more snow.


Snow Cake. Baking is a great way to warm up! Food.com‘s recipe for a winter snow cake suggests folding freshly fallen snow into the batter, making your end result moist and fluffy! Frost and decorate with sugary snowflakes!


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