We braved the hour-long line at David Chang’s Fuku

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Photo Credit: Karina Shedrofsky

Sanavoi says the sandwich is just the perfect amount of spicy, and we agree.

But for those of you who like your birds and fries even more spicy, there is the famous chili-based Momofuku ssam sauce to dip your sandwich and fries in. According to George Lu from Queens, the Korean hot sauce definitely makes it much better.

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Photo Credit: Karina Shedrofsky

“He got it right,” he said. “The bun, the texture, everything.”

“It’s spicy and cooked to perfection, so it kind of falls off the bone,” Jive added. We aren’t really sure what bone he is talking about, but we get the point.

Fuku is open for lunch Wednesday through Sunday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m; 163 First Ave. (between 10th and 11th St.)

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Photo Credit: Karina Shedrofsky

Watch out Dominique Ansel, there’s a new line in town.

New Yorkers flocked to Fuku, (163 First Ave.), to get their hands on chef David Chang’s brand new spicy fried chicken sandwich ($8). Naturally, we had to go to the scene to see what all the fuss was about.

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