Maple food delivery service launches in NYC today

David Chang’s new venture delivers lunch in dinner in 30 minutes or less.

It’s launch day for David Chang’s food delivery service Maple. What sets Maple apart from other delivery services is the food.

Maple believes New Yorkers can get better food delivered. NYC is full of great restaurants, but they aren’t set up for take-out and delivery, according to co-founder and CEO Caleb Merkl. That’s where Maple comes in.

The recipes have been created and tested by chefs and are not from already established restaurants. Executive Chef Soa Davies came to Maple from Le Bernardin, the high temple of sophisticated and delicious food. The Culinary Board of Directors includes esteemed chefs Dan Kluger, Brooks Headley and Mark Ladner. The ingredients are sourced locally whenever possible and are always seasonal.

Menu items include what the team is calling balanced meals. When you order lunch or dinner, you don’t just get chicken, or fish, you get chicken or fish with a vegetable and a starch (or the rough equivalent).

Another feature that sets Maple apart: the company vows to deliver your food to you in 30 minutes or less.

Maple is starting delivery to only addresses south of Chambers Street in the Financial District, (sorry midtown!), but company executives are aiming for city-wide and eventually nationwide expansion, though there is no set time-table yet.

Lunch is $12 and dinner is $15, and that covers the food, delivery and tip.


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