Everything you missed at Eataly’s pop-up pasta museum

Eataly‘s Museum of Pasta opened for just one glorious day of learning and munching, Italian style.

The Scuola Grande, Eataly’s cooking and tasting school, hosted the interactive Museo della Pasta, a niche exhibit that was like a crash course in all things pasta!

Pastai, those who make pasta, demonstrated how to make fresh pasta — rolled, stuffed and shaped by hand.

Meanwhile, Eataly’s chefs were at the cook-top stirring up free samples and giving away free cooking tips. For example: cooking pasta al dente is actually healthier, tricking your body into processing the noodle like a complex carb and curbing insulin spikes? Yeah, we’ll take pasta as a health food.

We went and learned the healthy way to make pasta, so you can be like an Italian and eat it every day!

Here’s what we saw at NYC’s only pop-up pasta museum.