Get FREE Forty Carrots fro-yo for NYFW this Thursday & Friday

Is there anything more fashionable than fro-yo?

Is there anything more fashionable than fro-yo?

Yes, but it’s right up there with designer bonnets and your middle school wardrobe.

In order to kick off New York Fashion Week celebrations, Bloomingdale’s is sharing FREE frozen yogurt with fashionistas and sweet tooths.

On Thursday, September 10th at Bloomingdale’s SoHo and Friday, September 11th at Bloomingdale’s 59th St., Forty Carrots will serve complimentary swirls of their famed fro-yo along with the topping, erm, accessory of your choice. We hear rainbow sprinkles are all the rage this season.

Fro-yo will be served from a Forty Carrots truck, inspired by the department store’s famed cafe.

After the NYFW celebrations, the truck will be headed to Hawaii (according to a Bloomingdale’s Loyalist email), but Forty Carrots will still have permanent locations at both NYC Bloomingdale’s stores.

It’s like no other fro-yo in the world.

Melissa Kravitz