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Halloween NYC: Burger King dresses as McDonald's, Astoria's William Hallet becomes Moe's Tavern

Halloween costumes aren’t just for people (and their pets) anymore.

Restaurants are getting into the act this year, too — with at least two New York City spots transforming themselves into something else this Halloween season.

In Rego Park, a Burger King sought to scare its customers by dressing as its arch nemesis: McDonald’s.

The chain fast food joint was draped in a giant white sheet, with two holes cut out the way a kid might cut out a spot for his eyes in a ghost costume. The golden arches and the word McDonald’s were spray-painted on the sheet.

Beneath it, the restaurant’s marquee read: “Booooo!”

“Just kidding,” it continued, “we still flame-grill our burgers.”

But Burger King — known for its offbeat marketing — isn’t the only place in town that’s decided to transform itself in honor of the holiday.

In Astoria, bar William Hallet has <a href=
Photo Credit: William Hallet via Facebook

In Astoria, bar William Hallet has made itself over as Moe's Tavern -- the fictional bar where Homer Simpson has spent many a night knocking back Duff beer with bartender Moe Szyslak and barfly Barney Gumble.

Duff Beer is naturally on the menu. But there are also some menu items representing deeper cuts from the Simpsons that are sure to entice hard-core fans. You can order a Flaming Moe, the popular cocktail whose recipe Moe stole from Homer -- thought it's unclear whether the William Hallet version will include Homer's secret ingredient of children's cough syrup.

There will also be Million Dollar Birthday Fries, which made the menu when Moe transformed his "dank pit" into a family friendly restaurant, Uncle Moe's Family Feedbag. ("Oh but, Moe, the dank! The dank!" Carl memorably implored Moe from a barstool when he heard about the impending change.)

William Hallet will be dressed up as Moe's all weekend and will have DJs on Saturday and Sunday night. No word on whether the bartenders there have been bombarded with prank phone calls from a kid named Bart looking for "Anita Bath" or "Bea O'Problem."


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