How to get food delivered in NYC after the storm

Consider cuddling up with some leftovers this weekend.

Stock up on supplies: Food delivery is going to be slow this weekend. 

The fastest way to get food is certainly to dig into all the groceries you clear out of your nearest bodega on Friday — yes, consider cuddling up with some leftovers — but we understand your urge for a fresh breakfast sandwich at your doorstep once the snow stops falling.

Keep in mind that many roads and sidewalks take time to clear, meaning delivery bikes cannot get through, and restaurant employees may not be able to get to work.  

Delivery.com notes that travel time for delivery people may be much slower due to safety, if restaurants are even open during their regular hours. 

If you absolutely must order food, your best bet is calling a restaurant directly and placing an order (rather than using a web service) — remember the days of fold-out menus?  

Bottom line: If you can’t put on your snow boots and walk to the closest food establishment, call them up — and don’t forget to tip generously after someone treks through the snow to bring you a hot meal!  

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