Smile, non-meat eaters! IKEA rolls out vegan meatballs

Lower your carbon footprint by eating these balls.

If you don’t eat meat and you shop at IKEA until now you’ve been missing out on one of the great pleasures of visiting the behemoth Swedish box store. Yes, we’re talking about the Swedish meatballs.

But no longer. Your cries have been answered.

Starting on April 9, IKEA is rolling out vegan meatballs at its U.S. stores. Called GRÖNSAKSBULLAR, 10 balls are $4.49. And they’re not just meat-free, they’re also gluten-free. There are only veggies – including kale! – in these balls.

IKEA says it is introducing the balls to lower its carbon footprint and be more environmental. This doesn’t have anything to do with the fact that horse was found in the meatballs in 2013?

Activist group PETA praised the furniture company’s “compassionate move,” and took some of the credit, in a statement today:

“After working with PETA for three years and receiving numerous friendly petitions showing support for vegan options from IKEA fans around the world, the company is officially launching its “veggie ball”—a delicious vegan meatball that is available at select stores today and will soon be rolled out at its more than 350 stores worldwide.”

Also in the pipeline: chicken balls called KYCKLINGBULLAR. They will be available on April 27.

See you in Red Hook?

Georgia Kral