You can now drink blue coffee in, where else, Brooklyn!

Blue is the new brown in one coffeeshop’s cups.

Blue is the new brown in one coffeeshop’s cups.

Konditori, a Swedish cafĂ© with seven Brooklyn locations and one in Manhattan, is painting NYC’s caffeinated landscape blue.

Their new blueberry latte celebrates the popular Swedish fruit, relying on some of its natural sweetness to add flavor to pretty much any espresso drink.

A taste of an iced blueberry latte — the barista recommended it warm, but it’s springtime! — yielded a combined flavor of smoothie and coffee drink, with slight undertones of blueberry muffin.

The blueberries sweetened with honey can be added to anything from cold brew to a cappuccino, making your morning java a bit more festive.

For those who prefer that taste of coffee over flavored syrups, this may not be the drink for them.

But if you spend all year waiting for pumpkin spice latte season, this is a pleasant warm weather fill-in!


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