Slice of the Week: Koronet

This week’s slice is the size of your face.

Pizzaface doesn’t have to be an insult any longer.

This week’s slice of the week is the size of your face. And yes, a whole pie is much, much bigger than anything you’ve ever ingested.

Located just off the campus of Columbia University, eating a slice of Koronet Pizza (2848 Broadway) at 3.a.m. is pretty much a rite of passage for students — until it comes a full-blown addiction.

It’s cheap ($4.50 for a jumbo slice), tasty and customizable with toppings ranging from broccoli to pepperoni. Plenty of garlic powder, Parmesan-type flakes and red pepper on the counter help enhance the cheesey flavors of New York’s most impressively large slice of pie.

Online ordering makes it almost too easy to inhale the gargantuan slice — no texting and eating, you’ll need two hands — but the real Koronet experience happens in the compact pizza joint. After dark, of course.

Melissa Kravitz