If you hear noodle slurping on First Ave., don't be so quick to assume it's from Momofuku Noodle Bar.

Perhaps inspired by David Chang's East Village eatery, locally sourced, farm-to-table restaurant North River has created a noodle dish of its own: lobster ramen.

With a broth made from a rich seafood stock fortified with roasted lobster bodies, topped with poached lobster tail and claw meat, daikon radish, cabbage, trout roe, a drizzle of Aleppo pepper oil and of course, plenty of noodles from Sun Noodle, this is an ideal cold weather treat.

While the lobster ramen is only listed on the bar menu for $20, it will also be served upon request at North River's tables, with only about five bowls served each night.

Get it while it's hot! Or even available.