‘20,000 Days on Earth’: A fascinating day in the life of Nick Cave

This documentary is a fascinating trip.

This documentary, built as a fictitious look at a day in the life of musician Nick Cave (his 20,000th day, to be specific), is a fascinating trip into the mind and creativity of the critically-acclaimed rocker.

Cave is certainly a riveting subject, though I’d guess that most folks would be hard pressed to name one of his songs.

Don’t let that, however, stop you from checking out this film.

Like any good raconteur, Cave has a lifetime of stories, both deeply personal and ones touching on his life as a musician. In fact, much of the film’s run time is just Cave chatting with his friends.

It’s kind of a shame though that the film doesn’t take the opportunity to better showcase Cave’s music. The performances that are in the film could very well open your ears to Cave’s unique gravely, gloomy sound.

Documentary drected by Ian Forsyth, Jane Pollard
Not rated
Playing at Film Forum

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