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A 'Broad City' guide to Astoria, Queens, and Gowanus, Brooklyn

Abbi and Ilana might spend most of their time adventuring around Manhattan, but they sure as hell can’t afford to live there. In case you didn’t realize, your favorite mostly fictional kweens call the quaint neighborhoods of Astoria, Queens, and Gowanus, Brooklyn, home.

Sadly, episodes featuring shenanigans around their two neighborhoods are few and far between. (There are only, like, three. Come on, Comedy Central. We want more!) But still, we managed to scrounge together the highlights to hook you up with the perfect “Broad City” day in Astoria and Gowanus.

Here’s your itinerary for the eight spots you must hit up across the two neighborhoods.

Have a drink at Bohemian Hall and Beer Garden

In season 3, episode 7, Abbi and Ilana
Photo Credit: Comedy Central

In season 3, episode 7, Abbi and Ilana both put their apartments up on an Airbnb knockoff called B&B-NYC for the night. Here's how Abbi describes her Astoria abode: "Treat yourself to a night in picturesque Astoria. Stop by the Beer Garden or stay in and enjoy tasteful interiors and a stunning view of a White...Castle." She leaves a hand-drawn map for her renter, featuring none other than the Bohemian Hall and Beer Garden, located at 2919 24th Ave.

Pop into an OK supermarket

Also appearing on Abbi's map is an
Photo Credit: Comedy Central

Also appearing on Abbi's map is an "OK supermarket (just OK, not called OK)." Based on her map, we thiiiiink it's Mediterranean Foods, located at 30-12 34th St. in Astoria. Perhaps it's the same market she browsed for red wine and condoms back in season 1, episode 3? After Jeremy asked her to sign for a package he was expecting, Abbi naturally had to stock up on all romantic essentials, just in case the package led to a little more. It never hurts to be prepared!

Take the subway from Astoria to Gowanus

In season 1, episode 2, Ilana lays down
Photo Credit: Comedy Central

In season 1, episode 2, Ilana lays down the two different routes you can take from Astoria to Gowanus: "I'll hop on the Q18, catch the N and then transfer to the R and get home in a tight 95 'cause the G ain't runnin' ... um, but it was because someone jumped on the tracks to kill themselves so it was really sad." So yeah. The G is probably your best option, but in case it's not running (hopefully due to something less depressing), Ilana's got you covered with her alternate route.

Go on a walking tour of murals in Gowanus

When Abbi is jacked up on Vicodin and
Photo Credit: Comedy Central

When Abbi is jacked up on Vicodin and "Uncle Sam's pills" in season 2, episode 3, she and a life-size stuffed animal named Bingo Bronson traverse the colorful streets of Gowanus. Groundswell offers walking tours of the Brooklyn neighborhood's gorgeous murals, and this mural in particular can be seen on President Street.

Stop for Yoo-hoos at Carroll Deli & Grocery

In further antics across Gowanus, Abbi and Bingo
Photo Credit: Comedy Central

In further antics across Gowanus, Abbi and Bingo Bronson grab Yoo-hoos from Carroll Deli & Grocery, at 142 Carroll St., where Ilana later discovers the chocolaty drink and traces of her sweet Abbi's DNA.

Cross the Carroll Street Bridge

Cross the Gowanus Canal by skipping (à la
Photo Credit: Comedy Central

Cross the Gowanus Canal by skipping (à la Abbi) or biking (à la Ilana) over the Carroll Street Bridge. It's one of only two retractile bridges left in New York, and if you catch the canal on a good day, it won't look gross at all.

Shop at Gowanus Whole Foods

Photo Credit: Comedy Central / Matt Peyton

"It's a whole new Gowanus!" Spend the early evening wandering the Gowanus Whole Foods (214 Third St.) and feeling a little guilty about enjoying gentrification so dang much. Spend $1,000+ on your new credit card, Abbi-style, and then treat yo self to a nice dinner, because, DAMN, Whole Foods has a dope spread. Just try to resist throwing Manuka Honey at an innocent woman's ankle.

Camp out on your roof

Cap off the day by camping out on
Photo Credit: Comedy Central

Cap off the day by camping out on your roof with your BFF. Just make sure to tie your tent down really well so you don't cause any major traffic jams.


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