‘Girls’ star Andrew Rannells explores Iowa in Brooklyn

We chatted with Andrew Rannells (Elijah).

Andrew Rannells knows his way around New York, having starred in “The Book of Mormon” and “Hedwig and the Angry Inch” on Broadway.

While partnering with Canon’s #BRINGIT Tour to inspire the public to bring a camera to capture memories (and gallivanting around the city in order to do so), he chatted with us about his role as Elijah on “Girls” and filming in Iowa (well, sort of) for Season 4.

We begged to know, “Will Hannah [Lena Dunham] and beau Adam break up?” His lips were sealed. Read on for our exclusive interview.

What’s different in this season of “Girls”?

I’m a regular cast member [now]! Elijah is woven into the girls’ world a little bit more. Hannah does indeed head out to the Iowa Writers’ Workshop, and Elijah’s not far behind. He’s really attached to Hannah.

What, exactly, is Elijah doing in Iowa?

He just took the opportunity to make the change for himself. New York is hard and can wear you down if you don’t have the funds to live a certain lifestyle. He needed a break.

Where did you film the Iowa scenes?

A top-secret location called Ditmas Park. I was like, “How are they going to make Brooklyn look like Iowa?” but it does weirdly look like where frat houses would be. It’s crazy.

Who’s your favorite character to act opposite of?

Anytime I get to do a scene with Lena Dunham is the best day ever. And Allison [Williams]. After the awkward sex scene in Season 2, we’ve become very close. I don’t get to do as much with her, but that’s a big treat as well.

Do you usually get recognized as Elijah (“Girls”) or Elder Price (“The Book of Mormon”)?

It depends on the neighborhood. If I’m in the theater district, it’s “Book of Mormon,” even though I left the show in 2012. The second I head downtown or Brooklyn, that’s when the demographic changes, and it’s more about “Girls.”

Is there anywhere in the city you’re dying to film?

The location scouts find these cool locations and bars that I have never heard of. It’s fun for me, as a New Yorker, to explore these new places because I tend to get into a rut when I go out. I use “Girls” as my tour guide of outer boroughs now.

HILARY SHEINBAUM. Special to amNewYork