Making Waves: New Romanian Cinema Festival returns for its 17th edition this spring

Marin Grigore as “Mattias,” Mark Edward Blenyesi as “Rudi,” and Macrina Bârlădeanu as “Ana” in Cristian Mungiu’s “R.M.N.”
Courtesy of IFC Films. An IFC Films Release.

The Making Waves: New Romanian Cinema Festival will return in person for its 17th edition from March 30-April 2 at Metrograph, Roxy Cinema New York and DCTV’s Firehouse Cinema. 

“For its 17th edition the festival is reborn,” said Making Waves President Corina Șuteu. “With new partners like Metrograph, Roxy Cinema New York and DCTV’s Firehouse Cinema, we are building a new constellation of homes in New York for Romanian cinema, while returning the festival to its roots in downtown New York, where it started in 2006 at Tribeca Cinemas.”

Making Waves is the leading comprehensive festival for showcasing Romanian contemporary cinema in the U.S. The film selection includes recent Romanian productions, many of which are U.S. premieres.

“First-time filmmakers dominate this year’s offering of Making Waves, proving once again that the New Romanian Cinema is alive and thriving, complementing an already impressive gallery of celebrated auteurs with an exciting line-up of fresh and promising voices,” said Making Waves: New Romanian Cinema Artistic Director Mihai Chirilov.

Monica Stan and George Chiper-Lillemark are making their directorial debuts with “Immaculate,” an account of a young woman’s drug addiction. Also making his directorial debut is Mihai Mincan with “To the North,” a migrant story. 

More new talent is found in director Cătălina Tesăr with “The Chalice. Of Sons and Daughters,” a portrait of marriage rituals in a secluded Roma community, which was co-directed with editor and sound designer Dana Bunescu.

The festival’s film selection also includes up-and-coming filmmakers Sebastian Mihăilescu and Victor Canache. Mihăilescu’s “You Are Ceaușescu to Me,” his take on Romania’s infamous dictator, and Canache’s “The Goat and Her Three Kids,” his take on a famous Romanian folktale, will both be screened at the festival.

Some highlights of this year’s festival are Cristian Mungiu’s latest addition to his brand of moral thrillers, “R.M.N.,” and Paul Negoescu’s fourth feature, “Men of Deeds.”

While there is a focus on showcasing recent Romanian films, the festival also has a tradition of bringing classic Romanian films to U.S. audiences. 

This year, for a second installment of the festival, Making Waves and Film Forum have partnered on the U.S. theatrical release of the newly 4K digitally restored 1992 film “The Oak.” The film will be screened at Film Forum from April 28-May 4. Making a guest appearance to celebrate the film’s release is “The Oak” actress Maia Morgenstern, who will be in attendance April 28-29.

Other festival guests include “Immaculate” screenwriter and director Monica Stan, “Men of Deeds” director Paul Negoescu, “Mens of Deeds” director of photography Ana Drăghici and “The Chalice. Of Sons and Daughters” editor and sound designer Dana Bunescu.

For the festival schedule and program, ticketing information and prices, and screening venue addresses, visit https://makingwaves.filmetc.org.