South Street Seaport Museum announces Readiness and Resilience: 10 Years After Sandy

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With the devastations of Hurricanes Fiona and Ian not far in the past and it being 10 years since the hit of Superstorm Sandy, the Seaport Museum exhibit looks at the areas in which resiliency has both evolved and remains in need of growth. The “Readiness and Resilience: 10 Years After Sandy” exhibit opens Oct. 26 at 6 p.m. at The Green Room on Pier 17. 

The free exhibit will feature leaders of resiliency from around the world as panelists to discuss their own focus on finding solutions.

 Matthijs Bouw is a Dutch architect who founded One Architecture and Urbanism, an award-winning Amsterdam and New York-based design and planning firm which creates leading designs that address climate adaptation and waterfront infrastructure. Bouw has had a significant impact in New York, as his office co-led the BIG Team that won the Rebuild by Design competition for the flood protection of Manhattan. Currently, One Architecture and Urbanism is part of the multi-disciplinary teams working on the ESCR and BMCR projects and planning the Lower Manhattan Coastal Protection project.

Rebecca Kennedy, founder of Curae Collections Care, works to provide collections management and emergency response for cultural heritage institutions. Kennedy is also a former Chair of the ARCS and AIC’s Emergency Committees and the DC Alliance for Response. Kennedy was also an inaugural member of the Smithsonian’s Preparedness and Response in Collections Emergency (PRICE) group.

David Mazzuca teaches at the National Center for Disaster Preparedness at the Columbia Climate School (Columbia University). He also worked as Assistant Director for Housing Recovery with the Sandy Recovery Division, State of New Jersey where he was responsible for administering the $1.4 billion housing restoration grant program portfolio following hurricane Sandy. 

Join the South Street Seaport Museum in reflecting on life after Sandy and listening to panelists who have extensive experience in readiness, resilience and restoration. 

Book tickets at the South Street Seaport Museum website