Upcoming art exhibit highlights work by Asian American artists

Tammy Nguyen, Anno Domini 40, 1945, 1969, 2022
Photo by Genevieve Hanson

Wonder Women, a new art show curated by Kathy Huang, presents various cultural artists through figuration from May 7 to June 25.  

The poem “Wonder Women,” created by Genny Lin, was first published in 1981, reflecting the daily life of Asian women across the world, describing the commonalities between them all.  Inspired by the poem, Huang will present various Asian American and diasporic women by highlighting the importance of family, community and history. The artwork displays the difference yet connecting points of all these women worldwide. 

“The increasing violence against Asian Americans, particularly against Asian women and the elderly, emphasizes the need to tell our own stories. Figuration allows the artists to present themselves, their communities, and their histories on their own terms,” says Huang.

The featured artists in Wonder Women are friends and collaborators, such as Bambou Gili, Shyama Golden, Sasha Gordon and more. 

The show will be held at the Jeffrey Deitch art gallery, located at 18 Wooster Street in Lower Manhattan.