Ballaro Dance announces E(mb)edded Memories performance in Manhattan

Embedded Memories – March 19
Photo courtesy of Ballaro Dance

NYC-based Ballaro Dance will present E(mb)edded Memories, a one-time performance honoring personal histories through the lens of scars, on March 19. The lessons and memories of the sometimes painful and sometimes profound images which live permanently on and inside our bodies are brought to life by an artistic presentation and installation. 

Ballaro Dance, founded in 2014, serves the community through the creation of the presentation of modern dance while inviting its audience to see, move and share with the company in an approachable, welcoming environment. The company encourages booth dancers and non-dancers alike to tell stories and build community through choreography.

During the event, visitors are invited to tour the community scar exhibit with a site-specific performance by MOVE: Community Imprints. In February, Ballaro Dance invited dancers and non-dancers to participate in virtual creative sessions. These sessions included improvisational activities on storytelling, literal and abstract gestures and personal memories. The participants were guided to create their own mini-dance about a personal story or memory of their choosing. As a result, these participants will perform their personal dances at the exhibit prior to the Ballaro Dance presentation of E(mb)edded Memories. 

“The arts have a huge role to play in inviting people to actually be participatory by engaging with their own personal histories, experiences and memories while watching,” said Marisa f. Ballaro, choreographer and project manager. “This is an immersive evening of creativity, collaboration and community. It’s a live event. We’re not on a TV screen that you’re watching at home, we’re all here together, being present.”

The E(mb)edded Memories performance style is inspired by Kintsugi, the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery. The company will take this practice and highlight the breakage with gold while using silk lanterns and inventive light pieces affixed to the dancers’ bodies to represent the stories of community healing. 

The goal is to engage the audience through each of their senses. Post-show, visitors will share in a “Twilight Toast & Sweet Treats” with the community. The show will begin at 7:30 p.m. at The Blue Gallery, 222 E 46th St New York, NY 10017. Tickets and space are limited: contact Emilee Ballaroo Despagni at emilee@ballarodance.com for available $25 to $50 tickets.