‘BK Rum Fest’ returns for unforgettable fourth year

BK Rum Fest

The Brooklyn Rum Festival, affectionately known as “BK Rum Fest,” is back by popular demand, promising an extraordinary experience for rum enthusiasts and newcomers alike. Created by renowned rum enthusiast Allen Murray, this highly anticipated event has established itself as the ultimate rum tasting experience.

Set against the backdrop of delectable cuisine, sensational cocktails, and a vibrant mix of reggae, soca, and afrobeats music, BK Rum Fest has grown into a must-attend event, attracting hundreds of attendees from across the country.

Scheduled to take place on Aug. 12, the Brooklyn Rum Festival continues its tradition of delivering an exceptional celebration of rum culture. This year, the festival takes place at the multi-level rooftop venue, The Bogart House, to accommodate the ever-growing number of rum enthusiasts. The stunning skyline views and immersive ambiance of The Bogart House provide the perfect setting for an unforgettable evening of rum indulgence.

One of the festival’s main draws is the remarkable selection of rum brands from around the world. This year’s event boasts an impressive lineup of renowned rum distilleries, including Barbancourt, Worthy Park, Bacardi aged rum, Appleton, Chairman’s Reserve, Bleu Royal, Rumbar, Rolling Fork Rum, Bounty rum and many more. Attendees will have the unique opportunity to sample a wide array of rums, each with its distinct characteristics and flavors. Throughout the event, knowledgeable brand ambassadors will be on hand to engage with attendees and share insights into what makes their rums truly exceptional.

To elevate the experience, BK Rum Fest delivers an unrivaled lineup of cocktails that showcase the versatility and creativity of rum.

BK Rum Fest

Music is an integral part of the Brooklyn Rum Festival experience, and this year’s event will not disappoint. The festival’s deejays play the hottest reggae, soca, and afrobeats, creating an atmosphere that invites attendees to dance, celebrate, and immerse themselves in the spirit of the Caribbean and beyond.

Allen Murray, the visionary behind the Brooklyn Rum Festival, expressed his enthusiasm for the upcoming event, stating, “We are thrilled to celebrate the fourth year of BK Rum Fest. It’s remarkable to witness the growth of this festival and the passion of the rum community. This year promises to be our best yet, with an incredible lineup of rum brands, delectable cuisine, and electrifying music. We can’t wait to welcome rum enthusiasts from all over to indulge in this unique celebration of the spirit we all love.”

The Brooklyn Rum Festival will take place on Aug. 12 at The Bogart House in Brooklyn, NY. Tickets are limited, and demand is high. To secure your place at the BK Rum Fest and stay updated with the latest news and announcements, contact [email protected].

BK Rum Fest

About the Brooklyn Rum Festival, The Brooklyn Rum Festival, also known as “BK Rum Fest,” is an annual rum tasting event that celebrates the rich culture and diverse flavors of rum. Founded by rum enthusiast Allen Murray, the festival offers attendees an immersive experience featuring a wide selection of rums from around the world, mouthwatering cuisine from local food vendors, sensational cocktails, and captivating music. The festival has grown in popularity over the years, attracting rum enthusiasts from across the country.

For more information, visit bkrumfest.com or contact [email protected].