Brighten someone’s day at home with Lower East Side candy shop’s care packages

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A candy care package from Economy Candy (Courtesy of Mitch Cohen)

Just a few weeks ago, Mitch Cohen and his team at the Lower East Side’s Economy Candy were stocking up for its busy, springtime season. 

Needless to say, there’s been a huge change of plans and Cohen’s candy emporium has shifted to an entirely online business lately now that the coronavirus outbreak has raged across the nation.

In a creative and crafty move for his 2,000-plus unit inventory, Economy Candy is now offering Candy Care Packs, a variety of goodie baskets that might just make staying at home a little bit more enjoyable. 

Starting at $35, the candy care packs come in six varieties: a Basic Pack consisting of both candy and chocolate, a Health Nut Pack featuring dried fruits and nuts or you could opt for Combo Pack, which has “a little bit of everything.” 

With the likelihood that people will still be confined to their homes for the next couple of weeks, Economy Candy is also offering Easter Packs and Passover Packs to be shipped to you or a friend’s doorstep.

There’s also the Recess Pack, which is filled with retro toys and games for kids (or stir crazy adults) to play with and pass time as well.

“Half of our business is tourists,” Cohen said, noting that the recent travel ban had already put stress on Economy Candy prior to the state-mandated business closure. 

“So right now we’re taking things day by day,” he added.

Cohen hopes that the online orders become popular enough then Economy Candy could bring back some of its staff in the meantime.

Even if you’re not exactly a sweet tooth, Cohen’s online store offers an array of collectible trading cards and other novelties. You can find vintage card packs from movies like Empire Strikes Back, ET, Jaws, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: Secret of the Ooze, along with many more, cheap and fun items to get you through being stuck at home.

Economy Candy even offers a set of Muppet NHL cards from 1994. 

“We’ve been in business for 80 years and would certainly like to stay open for 80 more,” Cohen said. 

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