Bruce Springsteen, Jimmy Fallon mock Chris Christie on ‘Late Night’

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has taken a media beating in the last week, but Tuesday’s airing of “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” may have been the toughest blow of all.

Jersey’s native son Bruce Springsteen joined Fallon onstage for a parody of “Born to Run,” poking fun at the scandal surrounding the massive traffic jam in Fort Lee, N.J., that Christie’s administration is accused of orchestrating.

“You got Wall Street masters stuck cheek to cheek with blue-collar truckers/And man I really gotta take a leak,” Springsteen sang alongside Fallon, both wearing the Boss’ iconic cutoff shirt and bandanna.

“But I can’t/I’m stuck in Governor Chris Christie’s Fort Lee, New Jersey, traffic jam,” they continued.

Springsteen also mocked the governor’s two-hour news conference last week, singing that it was “longer than one of my own damn shows.”

But the news isn’t all bad for Christie — a self-professed Springsteen fan.

According to an NBC News/Marist poll released yesterday, only 18% of voters reported liking Christie less as a result of “Bridgegate,” while 69% said their opinions remained unchanged, and 5% reported liking him more.