Cardi B says Offset has already picked baby’s name

Cardi B kept the news of her pregnancy under wraps for months, and it looks like she’s going to stay mum on further baby details.

The 25-year-old Bronx hip-hop artist wouldn’t reveal much about her future child during an appearance on “Ellen” Thursday. She did say, however, that her fiance, rapper Offset, had already picked a name.

When Ellen tried to guess the name, Cardi B would only reveal that it’s not Susan.

“It’s almost like tricky, but when it comes out, it’s like ‘ahhh,’ ” she said.

Ellen then offered her $20,000 for the right to name the child herself — which seemed to tempt Cardi.

“Can I put it in the middle name,” she joked.

The singer also chatted about her decision to reveal her pregnancy during a performance on “Saturday Night Live” earlier this month. She said she got butterflies before getting on stage with her baby bump.

“It was like, ‘Oh my god. the world is going to know I’m pregnant. Oh, here we go . . . opinions coming,’ ” she said.