Career arcs of Miley Cyrus and others in the Disney gang

The emcee Q-Tip once said, “Daddy, don’t you know that things go in cycles – the way that Bobby Brown is just ampin’ like Michael.”

Riding a wrecking ball while wearing very little might be new. Licking a sledgehammer might be new (and unsanitary). But Miley Cyrus is growing up in front of the camera in the same way her Disney-raised older siblings did.

Take a look at how Cyrus’ career arc lines up (thus far) with her fellow refugees from the Magic Kingdom.

Miley Cyrus performs on April 3 at IZOD Center, 7 p.m., 50 State Route 120, East Rutherford, New Jersey, 201-935-3900, $21.50-$89.50. She also performs on April 5 at Barclays Center, 7:30 p.m., 620 Atlantic Ave., Brooklyn, 917-618-6700, sold out.

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