‘Cash Cab,’ NYC-based trivia show, returning to Discovery

Here’s another reason to ditch the subway and hail a cab.

Discovery is bringing back “Cash Cab” and host Ben Bailey is set to return as host. The comedian, who hosted all 10 seasons of the show, let fans know he’ll be back via Twitter Monday.

“Cash Cab is finally back!!! And yes. I will be hosting. Retweet to let everyone know. #CashCab,” Bailey wrote.

The network first announced the return of the trivia show that gives New Yorkers the chance to earn a profit while heading to their destination in March. The series is slated to make its return sometime this year.

Discovery has promised appearances from “the top names in comedy, film and TV,” with some of the stars serving the role of cabdriver.

In its first incarnation, Bailey sat behind the wheel while asking passengers an array of trivia questions. Participants were kicked to the curb if they answered three questions incorrectly.

“Cash Cab” ran on Discovery from 2005 to 2012 before it was canceled.

The taxi game show isn’t the only throwback series to make its way back on TV screens. Discovery’s sister channel, TLC, also announced in March that home remodeling show “Trading Spaces” will also be making a return after its eight-season run from 2000 to 2011.