Jimmy Fallon picks up $1,136 tab for diners at Hamptons restaurant

"The Tonight Show" host Jimmy Fallon delighted a tableful of diners at a Hamptons restaurant Monday when he spontaneously paid their more than $1,000 bill.

"He lives close by and usually comes in on Sundays but this week on Monday," Enzo Lentini, general manager of Il Mulino in Wainscott, told Newsday. A table of two middle-aged couples was adjacent to one at which Fallon, 43, and his wife of nearly 11 years, producer Nancy Juvonen, were having dinner, he said. The group of weekending New Yorkers "couldn’t believe it — they were, like, two feet away” from the talk-show host and former "Saturday Night Live" star. “They wanted to jump out of their skin. But they were cool — they didn’t want to interrupt him."

Fallon, Lentini said, took note of their discretion. After dinner, "He went up to them said, ‘I appreciate you guys not wanting to disturb us. I knew you wanted to say hello.’ So he picked up the tab. With tip it was $1,136."

Fallon’s spokeswoman, Claire Mercuri, confirmed the story.

The restaurant was unusually busy for a Monday because of the Hampton Classic Horse Show that began Sunday and continues through this weekend in nearby Bridgehampton, Lentini said, so he brought Fallon and his wife in through the back. "I walked him downstairs, through the kitchen and into the dining room. He’s like, ‘Enzo, where you taking me!’ The kitchen [staff] got a big kick out if it, too — they were all clapping when he came through."

Last year Fallon and his friend, singer-actor Justin Timberlake, went viral with a video of them riding a tandem bicycle in the Hamptons. The 34-second video opens with Timberlake in sunglasses and a backward baseball cap, saying, "God! Just biking through the Hamptons. It’s so beautiful." He then begins to notice to a bicycle bell that has been sounding. "Wait, wha–?" he asks in mock surprise as the camera pulls back to reveal Fallon, who yells, "Bro biking!" Timberlake then yells the phrase himself. The remainder of the clip shows the two going back and forth across the screen.

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