Coney Island’s Music of Curiosities to kick off May 12 with new lineup of shows

Theophobia performing at Music of Curiosities.
Photo: Norman Blake

This month, Coney Island is kicking off its Music of Curiosities season with a lineup of experimental performances.

Since 2018, Music of Curiosities has connected an artful cast of musicians with a thriving audience with shows at Coney Island USA’s Sideshows By The Seashore Theater. The theater showcases outsider, experimental, and LGBTQIA+ performers, creating a community where all are welcome. 

On May 12, the season will officially kick off with the 100th Annual Comedy Music Friendship Awards, a dadaist satire of an awards show, at 8 p.m. that night. Performances at this show will include comedian Tony Zaret, comedy group Simple Town, trans-fronted punk band TDA, and glam rock/avante-comedy project Theophobia.

Music of Curiosities also has a few shows coming up this May. On May 13, The Flushing Remonstrance Live Score will take the stage with The Unknown + Un Chien Andalou, and on May 14, clown-horror duo The Mary Lous will perform, with emcee PNK VLVT WTCH.

On June 9, Music of Curiosities will host a celebration in honor of Pride Month. Hosted by Billie Bullock, the show will feature PNK VLVT WTCH alongside Prince Viper & Clawdette Smm Smm, and will be headlined by CHRISTEENE.

Coney Island USA is located at 1208 Surf Ave. Tickets for each show are available at coneyisland.com