Get ‘Hamilton’ lottery tickets a bit easier via app created by fan

An iOS app launched Wednesday won’t guarantee you a ticket to “Hamilton,” but it’ll make it easier to enter the lottery for the Broadway hit.

Lukas Thoms, a 26-year-old app developer from Bushwick, created the Ham Lottery app after he watched the musical on Valentine’s Day and was frustrated when he couldn’t easily get tickets for another show.

The app will store the information that is required for the ticket lottery, such as name, date of birth, Zip code and number of tickets, and auto-fill it anytime the user wants to enter for a chance for seats.

“Tickets are sold out for the rest of the year so unless you have hundreds of dollars that you can spend for a seat in the back row, your only hope is the lottery,” Thoms said.

The app, which isn’t currently available on other mobile platforms, will also send push alerts to the user reminding them when the lottery is open. As of Wednesday evening, it has been downloaded by more than 800 users.

Thoms said he refrained from making the app automatically input the user’s information, to keep the process fair and open to everyone.

“I want to stay true to the spirit of Broadway so it makes sense for you to enter it every day (manually),” he said.