The appetite for famous Internet cats is neverending, apparently. And what could be better than a song of the summer, featuring said Internet cats?!

That's what the Friskies crew had in mind, obviously. They just released a music video for the song "Cat Summer," a celebration of the season starring... well, you know!

Two stars of the video, Grumpy Cat and Oskar the Blind Cat, stopped by Bleecker Street Records on Wednesday to pose with fans. They were both chill cats, sleeping mostly, despite the camera flashes and tweens.

Friskies will donate one meal of Friskies Grillers to cat charities nationwide every time the video is watched on YouTube, up to 1 million meals.

Facts about Grumpy and Oskar, in case you didn't know:


  • Born April 4, 2012
  • Lives in Morristown, Arizona
  • Real name is Tardar Sauce, named by owner Tabby Bundesen's daughter, because her mom worked at Red Lobster
  • She has a grumpy face because of feline dwarfism
  • She was one of five in a litter, but the only dwarf
  • Her mother had another litter and another dwarf was born, Grumpy's brother Pokey


  • Was adopted as a kitten from a farm in Iowa
  • Lives in Seattle, Washington
  • Has microphthalmia, which means his eyes never fully developed
  • His best fried is "The Klaus," another cat adopted by Bethany and Mick Szydlowski whose ear lays flat due to either a fight or over scratching from ear mites