In times of quarantine, entertainers begin live streaming shows to audiences

Kevin Allison hosting by Arin Sang-urai 2
Kevin Allison hosting Risk! (Arin Sang)

The show must go on!

Come hell, high water, or COVID-19, entertainers and comedians alike are becoming resourceful as to going about their interactive business — specifically utilizing semi-improvised live streaming to perform, bringing smiles to an audience that needs it now more than ever. 

Kevin Allison, host of the popular podcast and travelling live show Risk! will soon be shifting his live work to an online stream starting on March 26. 

A show dedicated to a guest self confessing their most cathartic moments be they humorous or more intense, Allison sees an opportunity to bring a worldwide audience to one virtual place as opposed to just filling room.

Artwork for Risk!
(Courtesy of Kevin Allison.)

Talking about success with audience engagement with social media and his story-telling school, Allison believes that engagement and support for his guests telling their intimate tales will be a success.

Specifically, Allison and the team behind Risk! seek to an exclusively an international show that would inevitably bring communities of the world together in a time of crisis. 

Another entertainer is trying to keep people’s spirits on a high note amid quarantine times, literally. 

Musician and comedian Lauren Maul started “Corona Request Live,” where  she’ll be taking song requests to play on the spot each night at 7 p.m.

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With the intention of being a “sprinkle of joy” during difficult times, Maul’s inspiration for doing the live song requests came from when she would perform monthly at nursing homes, sticking to a repertoire that’s familiar to those of all ages while also telling some outstanding “dad jokes” as well.

Keeping up with a light hearted show of silly, universal, and muppet style humor, last night’s Corona Requests were an evening of Billy Joel as Maul made some current tweaks to the lyrics of  Billy Joel’s “We Didn’t Start the Fire” while playing “Piano Man” too.

Lauren Maul. (Laura Thompson)

Meanwhile, one show host has inadvertently been preparing for this situation for some time now.

Chelsea White, the host of both Bravo’s Adulting  has been doing weekly live shows well before a global quarantine was in effect with What a Delight! with Chelsea White Wednesday nights at 9 p.m.

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Operating with a multi camera setup and live technical director along with more crew and boyfriend on standby, White puts on her entire Instagram show within the confines of her own living room.

“People told me, “you were preparing for this from the beginning,”” she joked. 

White’s show, which intends on “highlighting everything delightful about a world coming apart at the seams,” will be slightly modified given the current situation, but will see guests and viewers live calling and Facetiming in this evening. 

Entertainer and show host Chelsea White.
(Courtesy of Chelsea White)

White also says that the interactive approach will bring people together in a time when loneliness has been an epidemic well before COVID-19 and that her streamed show would not only be informative and silly when appropriate, but uniting as well.

Last week, White was on air as the news broke of Tom Hank’s case of coronavirus as well as the NBA season being held indefinitely, so who knows what news may break during the show tonight.

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