Lin Manuel-Miranda’s many ‘Gilmore Girls’ revelations

Rory is too vulnerable for Port Authority Bus Terminal.

Lin-Manuel Miranda was just stepping into Stars Hollow for the very first time while we were trying to wrap our heads around the unexpected ending of the Netflix special “Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life.”

The “Hamilton” creator told the Twittersphere that he started watching “Gilmore Girls” in December, and that he’s been chronicling his various Gilmore-inspired thoughts along the way.

It’s taking him a while to get through the show’s seven seasons — he only made it to the end of the second on Wednesday — but the antics of Lorelai and Rory can be a lot for any newcomer to take on.

Miranda has come to some pretty big conclusions while watching the show. We can only imagine what his reaction will be when he eventually makes it to the “Hamilton” reference in “Summer.” 

1. People will most likely shun you for never having watched the Amy Sherman-Palladino classic.

Miranda knew well enough to dodge the garbage that may or may not come his way for not watching the show when it first aired. “Okay. So I’m watching my first episode of Gilmore Girls ever. *dodges garbage* I MISSED IT THE FIRST TIME AROUND! (it is AWESOME),” he tweeted on Dec 1, 2016.

2. He can be IRL friends with Lorelai Gilmore.

Lorelai herself (err… Lauren Graham) tweeted back at Miranda on Dec 2, 2016, telling him she’s actually a big fan of his. Hopefully, this sparked the begining of a beautiful friendship.

3. Jess deserves his own hashtag.

March 25: The day Miranda met Jess Mariano and everything changed. “Oh I just met him! WHOOOOAAA-OHH-OHHHH IT’S MISTER STEAL-YOUR-GIRL.” #Misterstealyourgirl then appeared on the rest of his Jess-related tweets.

4. Michel’s speech pattern is just as noteworthy as Lorelai’s.

“I’m obsessed with the descending pitch in every line of dialogue @YanicTruesdale utters in Gilmore Girls,” he tweeted on March 28.

5. Rory is too vulnerable for Port Authority Bus Terminal.

“The thought of Tiny Connecticut Rory at Port Authority stresses me out,” he wrote on Wednesday, along with a clip of Rory trying to ask for directions in season 2. Us too, Miranda.

6. Being on Team Jess, Logan or Dean is overrated.

Forget #TeamJess, #TeamLogan and #TeamDean. Miranda is trying to start his own group of Miss Patty fans. “For the record, I’m #TeamMissPatty, all day,” he tweeted on Wednesday.

Meghan Giannotta