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'Live from New York!' movie review -- 3 stars

"Live from New York!" looks at 40 years of "Saturday Night Live." Photo Credit: Edie Baskin

The "Saturday Night Live" documentary "Live From New York!" is effectively a greatest hits package, looking at the highs and a few of the lows over the past 40 years.

If not illuminating, it's still entertaining, both for nostalgic reasons and because Tina Fey and many other distinguished individuals recount their experiences on the show.

The documentary occasionally feels like a corporate product -- even if it's not an official "SNL" production -- but the candid subjects are its salvation. The interviews especially carry the movie when director Bao Nguyen touches on the controversies that have plagued the show. Jane Curtin address the longstanding diversity problem in shockingly direct terms, for example.

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