Louis C.K. explains the kind of liar he thinks Trump really is on ‘Late Show’

The comedian’s take? Trump is a liar, and the worst of the kind.

President Donald Trump is trying to fool us all with his trickery, Louis C.K. said — and the comedian isn’t buying any of it.

Louis C.K. dropped by “The Late Show” on Tuesday night to promote his new Netflix comedy special “2017,” and ended up talking about our president instead. No surprises there.

In March 2016, the comedian sent out an email blast to announce the sixth episode of his web series “Horace and Pete,” which turned into a letter urging his fans not to vote for Trump. Oh, and he also called him an “insane bigot” and compared him to Hitler, two statements he later said he regrets.

“I regret saying it … it doesn’t mean it’s not true,” he told Stephen Colbert. “I wouldn’t take it back.”

The comedian’s take this time? Trump is a liar, and the worst of the kind.

There are people who lie once in a while and flat out liars who can’t help their lack of an ability to tell the truth, Louis C.K. explained. Then, there’s Trump.

“It’s just gross. He’s just a gross, crook, dirty, rotten, lying sack of [expletive]. That’s how I feel,” he said, continuing to explain that the president seemingly tricked his supporters into voting for him.

In Louis C.K.’s eyes, there might not even be truth behind Trump’s own name.

“I don’t think his name is Donald Trump,” he said.

Meghan Giannotta