Treasures of New York’s annual Toy Fair

Shimmer stars are expected to hit toy store shelves in the fall.  Photo Credit: KD Kids

We got a sneak peek of the fun and innovative new toys kids will be playing with in the months to come.

Shimmer stars are expected to hit toy store shelves in the fall. 
Shimmer stars are expected to hit toy store shelves in the fall.  Photo Credit: Charles Eckert

Toy Fair 2019 wrapped up this week at the Javits Center, which was packed with tons of new playthings set to debut throughout the year. amNewYork scoured the aisles for some of the coolest new items. you’re going to want to snap up.

Shimmer Stars

Kids can get their bling on with these adorable pets (above). The shimmerizer safely allows youngsters to glam up their pets — and themselves — with sparkly stars and accessories they can share. (KD Toys, $19.99, fall) 

Transformers Ecto-1.
Transformers Ecto-1. Photo Credit: Scott A. Rosenberg

Transformers Ecto-1

“Ghostbusters” mashes up with Transformers in this inspired new toy, with the iconic Ecto-1 transforming into the robot Ectotron. The packaging is inspired by the original Transformers toys of the 1980s, and there will also be a 5-issue comic series to build a back story for this crossover. (Hasbro, $49.99, summer)

Treasure X Aliens.
Treasure X Aliens. Photo Credit: MOOSE TOYS

Treasure X Aliens

This gooey toy combines the slime and unboxing trend. A treasure hunter has been eaten by an alien. Kids can "dissect" the alien, save the treasure hunter and find hidden gems. (Moose Toys, $14.99, July)

ReAction Figures Classic All-Stars.
ReAction Figures Classic All-Stars. Photo Credit: Scott A. Rosenberg

ReAction Figures Classic All-Stars 

The ReAction line, which is inspired by older, simpler action figures, takes the field with a new line of baseball action figures, starting with some legendary figures, including favorites from the Yankees and the Brooklyn Dodgers, like Yogi Berra, Mickey Mantle and Jackie Robinson. And don’t worry, Mets fans, there’s is also a Mascots line with Mr. Met. (Super7, $15, June) 

Blume dolls.
Blume dolls. Photo Credit: Skyrocket Toys


These adorable dolls and their oversized hair “grow” out of a flowering pot when you add a few drops of water. They come with tiny handbags, mini friends and a sticker book. Keep an eye out for the “super rare” and “mystical” dolls. (Skyrocket, $9.99, summer)

Lego Hidden Side. 
Lego Hidden Side.  Photo Credit: Scott A. Rosenberg

Lego Hidden Side 

This new Lego line, which features a variety of sets, from a school bus to a train and a high school, offers builders a chance to bring the brick world in their handheld devices with an augmented reality experience. The sets are all “haunted” and when you look at them through the smartphone app, ghosts appear, and there is a gaming component  in which you’re hunting the apparitions. (Lego, various prices, August) 

TMNT Nano Clix.
TMNT Nano Clix. Photo Credit: Scott A. Rosenberg

TMNT Nano Clix 

This is a two-in-one toy. First, you have the little TMNT plastic figures, which are modeled after the different Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles heroes and villains. Then you can also use those figures, which snap together, to become the framework for a larger, articulated mutant turtle that you can build. (Playmates, $12.99 on Amazon, spring) 

Escape Puzzles. 
Escape Puzzles.  Photo Credit: Ravensburger

Escape Puzzles 

Get the escape room experience through a clever gamifying of the traditional jigsaw puzzle experience. Each box sets up a scenario you need to resolve — save the world from something or other — and as you build these beautifully illustrated puzzles, clues appear on how to solve different equations that will find you a solution. For escape room addicts, this is a great opportunity to bring that experience into the home. (Ravensburger, $19.99, out now) 

Pikmi Pops DoughMi.
Pikmi Pops DoughMi. Photo Credit: Moose Toys

Pikmi Pops DoughMi 

The popular scented collectible plush toys now come in doughnut shapes. The larger versions have a hidden Jelly Pikmi character along with small rings, erasers, notebooks and stickers. (Moose Toys, surprise pack $10.99, March)

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