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'Orange Is the New Black': What we know about season 5

'Orange Is the New Black' season 5 trailer

The official "Orange Is the New Black" season 5 trailer was released by Netflix on Tuesday. (Credit: Netflix)

It’ll be a bittersweet return to Litchfield when the new season of “Orange Is the New Black” hits Netflix.

The show’s fifth season will be available for binging on June 9. Netflix posted the official "OITNB" trailer to its YouTube page on Tuesday, but the two minutes of footage still leaves much to be answered.

With last season ending with a gun in Daya’s hands and the inmates ready to riot, the trailer reveals that the first episode picks up right where the finale left off. 

Here’s what we know about the fifth season so far:

1. It’ll take place over the course of three days. 

Danielle Brooks, who plays Taystee, first let it slip on the SAG Awards carpet that the fifth season will focus only on a span of three days. 

2. The episodes will take place in real time.

Netflix confirmed the unique season’s structure after Brooks’ slip, adding that the 13 episodes will take place in real time.

3. Someone pulls the trigger.

The sneak peek clip ends with the sound of a gun being fired. The screen goes black, though, so it’s not yet clear if Daya is the one who ends up pulling the trigger. 

4. Piper thinks she and Alex can stay out of trouble. 

Piper and Alex are walking through the hall chatting about how they’re “laying low” and “staying out of trouble” when they come across the riot. “That’s right. We see trouble, we turn around and walk the other way. We are out of the business,” Alex says. How ironic … 

5. Taystee is hungry for revenge. 

It’s no secret that Taystee is left to avenge Poussey’s death in the fifth season. She’s also seen prominently in the sneak peek clip, cheering vigorously for Daya to shoot the prison guard. 

6. Litchfield is on lockdown (again). 

New production stills released by Netflix on Tuesday show Alex and Piper in lockdown position attempting to peer over at some sort of activity. Could it be the moments after the gun was fired? 

7. Crazy Eyes and her ex are getting cozy. 

A production still shows Suzanne and her ex, Maureen, wearing medical gowns helping each other walk through the medical ward. Maureen and Suzanne seem to have suffered severe facial trauma after the library bookshelf incident. 

8. Litchfield is looking bleak, but prisoners are taking a stand.

The official trailer reveals more insight on what Litchfield is looking like after Poussey's death. Hint: It's not pretty. Bunks are strewn inside and outside the prison, with inmates roaming freely around Litchfield and discussing tales of violence and abuse towards inmates.

9. Inmate protests have grabbed the media's attention.

Whatever's going on at Litchfield has brought cameras and flashing lights to the prison. The trailer shows photographers snapping stills of Flaca and Maritza posing inside the prison walls, and they are more than delighted to be noticed. "Pose for the cameras, we're gonna look good!"

10. More of Litchfield's dirty laundry may be revealed.

A shot from the trailer shows Red holding a flashlight over some very official-looking documents, reading who-knows-what kind of dirt about Litchfield. Whatever it is, it caused this inmate to gasp in shock -- or horror.

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