‘President Show’ to air Christmas special on Comedy Central

In case you didn’t know, President Donald Trump (the Anthony Atamanuik edition) invented Christmas. He’ll tell you all about it during his Comedy Central series’ holiday episode, which he promises will be “better than all the other Christmas specials that don’t even exist.”

“Since absolutely nothing is happening in my White House and nobody I know has been charged with a crime, I am hosting the first-ever TV Christmas special,” Atamanuik, who plays Trump in “The President Show,” said in a video posted to Twitter Friday announcing that his Christmas episode would air Nov. 30.

Fake news? Eh, the “president’s” claim is sort of accurate, since this is the first time he’ll be cracking jokes next to the fireplace and Christmas tree on the show’s White House set. But, that’s not exactly what he meant.

“No one’s ever done this before: an episode of a television show that’s just about Christmas. And you know why no one’s ever done it? Because Christmas was my idea,” he said, wearing his classic suit and red tie while the lights of a decorated tree flickered behind him. The faux president also took credit for being the brains behind the inventions of garland and ornaments.

Whether or not the holiday special will see the Trump impersonator take credit for the concept of Santa Claus, Rudolph and Elf on the Shelf, too is unclear, but Comedy Central promises Atamanuik will appear alongside Peter Grosz (Mike Pence) to “make this the whitest Christmas ever.” The special will feature all things Christmas, like jingle bells and holiday music, and mix in a slew of politically charged jokes, according to a news release.

Titled “I Came Up with Christmas: A President Show Christmas,” the hourlong episode will air at 10 p.m. on the network. It’ll be followed by “The Daily Show’s The Yearly Show 2017” wrap-up (Dec. 18, 11 p.m.).