Ryan Reynolds photo with Taylor Swift, Tom Hiddleston sparks online hilarity

It’s barely three weeks since the world was introduced to the coupling of Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston, but it seems the internet has well and truly had enough Hiddleswift.

In the umpteenth (seemingly) staged snapshot of the pair to be slapped on our computer screens, an unexpected patron saint of the sick-and-tired emerged. Ryan Reynolds, who attended Swift’s Fourth of July bash with wife Blake Lively, was quickly proclaimed pop-culture’s “everyman.”

Pictured alongside an intertwined Hiddleswift in a pic uploaded by Swift BFF Britany LaManna, the “Deadpool” star’s quietly distressed stare into space was pounced upon by celeb observers. Some suggested help should be sent. Memes were made. Comparisons to Chris Christie at the Trump presser in March were inevitable.

Elsewhere on the web, a consensus formed that what was once suspected by many to be no more than a “showmance” to boost the “Night Manager” star’s chances of becoming the next James Bond has had the opposite effect.

“Bond needs an air of mystery — his public romance with Taylor has made him totally uncastable,” a Bond insider recently told The Sun newspaper. Online commenters noted that a man who gets around wearing “I heart T.S.” tank tops in the sea and waterslides with overexposed pop stars would never land the role of MI6’s most famous spy.

Once fondly referred to as “the internet’s boyfriend,” one-time Hiddleston fans are spouting “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” and even public figures, like UK radio presenter Jamie East, are echoing their sentiments. “Someone needs to have a quiet word with Tom Hiddleston. It’s all a bit embarrassing now,” East tweeted earlier this week.