Stanwyck favorites at Film Forum

Few screen legends compare to Barbara Stanwyck, the Brooklyn-born icon who matched her beauty with equally formidable talent and strength over the course of a sterling career.

Beginning tomorrow and running through the end of the month, Film Forum offers a tribute to the classical Hollywood star, screening many of her career highlights.

Don’t miss these:

‘The Lady Eve’

Stanwyck stars with Henry Fonda in the beloved Preston Sturges screwball romantic comedy centered on about a con artist and her rich target.

‘Double Indemnity’

Billy Wilder’s beloved noir finds Stanwyck famously showing off her anklet in a bid to seduce Fred MacMurray’s insurance man into a murder scheme. Meet John Doe’

Stanwyck and Gary Cooper star in Frank Capra’s satire about a newspaper writer who invents an angry everyman and inadvertently launches a grassroots campaign.

‘Stella Dallas’

King Vidor’s classic earned Stanwyck the first of four Oscar noms for playing a relentless social climber.