Taylor Swift, after missing VMAs, reports for jury duty in Nashville

We bet Taylor Swift was over the moon when she got her jury duty summons in the mail.

After all the speculation surrounding why she skipped out on the VMAs, the singer reported for jury duty in Nashville Monday, providing the ultimate possible cover.

The singer, 26, happily posed for selfies with her fellow would-be jurors. When asked what she did for a living by the prosecutor, she reportedly replied “I am a songwriter.”

The Associated Press reported that, while she would be otherwise willing to particpate, she requested to be dismissed from selection due to the nature of the case — aggravated rape and kidnapping — because of her upcoming civil suit against DJ David Mueller, who she claims assaulted her. (AMNY)

Celebrity Jurors

— Madonna: The Material Girl showed up at a Manhattan court for jury duty in 2014, but was quickly dismissed to prevent “distraction.”

— Tom Hanks: One of few stars to actually serve on a jury, it’s been speculated Hanx’s presence on a 2013 LA jury almost led to a mistrial, due to star-stuck legal staff.

— Brad Pitt: The actor was dismissed from a 2014 LA duty, with attorneys reportedly afraid the hunk would unfairly sway jury opinion.