Bay Ridge: A guide to where to eat and what to do in this diverse neighborhood

All the way down between Sunset Park, Dyker Heights and the Narrows waterway, Bay Ridge offers a chance to be transported without ever leaving the city.

The neighborhood is known for its cultural diversity, with Norwegian and Middle Eastern communities, as well as Irish, Italian and Greek areas. This is evident when walking the streets, primarily Third and Fifth avenues, which are lined with offerings ranging from pizzerias to hookah bars to halal food stores.

Some call Bay Ridge “Little Arabia,” and others say it’s where the other half of the Greek and Irish families from Astoria moved.

Bay Ridge is a nice getaway from the bustle of Manhattan and offers great views of New York Bay, a cornucopia of culture, beautiful parks and scenic walks as you pass through tree-lined streets with large homes.

Thinking of a visit? We’ve picked out some of the must-sees before you head over.