‘dOGUMENTA’, art exhibit for canine visitors, opens this weekend

It’s a work of arf!

Edible portraits, barking dog silhouettes and sculptures made up of chew toys aim to bring out the imaginations of this exhibit’s canine visitors. “dOGUMENTA,” an art gallery made specifically for dogs, the first of its kind in the country, opens Friday and runs through this weekend only.

The free exhibit, available through Sunday at Brookfield Place’s waterfront, will be open during the coolest parts of the day to let dogs enjoy the experience to the fullest, from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m., and from 4 to 8 p.m., said art critic Jessica Dawson, who curated the event with help from her own dog, Rocky.

When Dawson took Rocky, a little Morkie (a cross between a Yorkie and a Maltese), to galleries in the city — like the Gagosian or Pace galleries ­— she noticed the unfettered excitement he had toward works that critics would typically shut down. Human culture hounds could take a cue from Rocky, she said. 

 “I realized that a canine sensibility might be the key to navigating today’s complex art world,” Dawson said in a statement. “I was surprised to see that Rocky could sniff out some of the best artwork in New York.”

The works featured at dOGUMENTA, created in collaboration with 10 local artists, include a triangle-shaped doggy pool, a portrait of the inventor of dog biscuits made out of treats, small dog house-shaped gallery spaces, and silhouettes of dogs that “bark” at passersby.

Art is best viewed by staying curious, being fearless, loving despite any limitations, not worrying about trends, and going with your gut, Dawson said during a launch event when the project was first announced in February.

While it seems satirical, Dawson is serious about providing an engaging art experience for New York’s beloved mutts through the use of scent, color, sound, and touch.

The gallery’s name is a play on “Documenta,” an influential contemporary art exhibit that takes place in Germany every five years, according to Arts Brookfield, which worked with Dawson o

“dOGUMENTA is about conversation and learning,” Dawson told amNewYork. “We hope it sparks conversation between companion humans and their four-legged friends. It’s a chance for everyone to get to know each other a little bit better and to start a conversation around contemporary [art] that’s inclusive of all species.”

Brookfield Place is located at 230 Vesey St. The free tickets should be reserved online since walk-ins are first come first serve.