KidPass helps find children’s activities in NYC

It’s like ClassPass, but for kids.

That’s the idea behind KidPass, a new service that gives families access to thousands of kids activities — from classes to camps to museums — at more than 350 providers in the New York City area.

“While technology has made it easy to instantly book taxis, restaurants, and dates at the touch of a button, the process of finding kids activities is still very difficult and mostly done through word of mouth,” said CEO and co-founder Solomon Liou in a statement. “Our goal is to modernize parenting for the millennial generation — to make it simple to discover and book amazing kids activities at the touch of a button.”

Users can search for drop-in classes by location, category and age group, from prenatal to 12 and up (most classes tap out at 13 or 15). Memberships range from $49 a month (10 credits) to $99 (25 credits). Activities typically cost between one and six credits.

KidPass launched earlier this year in beta form, growing from 50 pilot users to more than 1,000 — with thousands more on the waitlist. It officially launches Aug. 22 to all families.

For those especially interested in activities that’ll get their children moving, categories include sports and fitness, swimming and dance. Swimming, soccer, tennis and dance classes, as well as open gym time for toddlers at playspaces like Appleseeds, Gymboree, Kidville and Playroom NYC, have been particularly popular so far, according to KidPass. Other fitness options include yoga, gymnastics, fencing, CrossFit and trampoline workouts.

KidPass has more in common with ClassPass than just the subscription service model: The company has so far raised $1 million in seed funding, with investors including backers of ClassPass.

Child’s play

There are more than 350 activity providers at KidPass.com. Some of the ones specializing in sports and fitness for kids include:

  • Arte Capoeira Center
  • Bend and Bloom (yoga)
  • Church Street Boxing Gym
  • ElfTennis
  • Kick & Play (soccer)
  • Manhattan Tennis Company
  • Monkey Do! Yoga
  • Ms. J’s Gymnastics
  • Physique Swimming
  • Sacred Sounds Yoga
  • Tennis Innovators
  • Tiger Strong NYC (karate)
  • Unity Jiu Jitsu School