Dream Machine pop-up transforms into Nightmare Machine for Halloween

The same people who brought the wonderfully surreal Dream Machine pop-up to Brooklyn are transforming their space into your worst nightmares for the month of October.

From clowns to cockroaches, the nine-room, Instagrammable experience will shock and disgust you just in time for Halloween.

Instead of a room full of clouds, a dreamy laundromat with cotton candy and a hallway of rainbows, the trip takes you into weird and culturally inspired spooky spaces centered around alien abduction and cockroaches. One room is dedicated to creepy clowns, while the once-colorful hallway becomes a “Clockwork Orange”-themed tunnel.

“Our goal with Nightmare Machine is to tap into our weirdest nighttime dreamscapes and create a creepy, fun and content-focused experience that will transport you into an alternate world,” co-creator Paige Solomon said in a statement. “Halloween is an incredible holiday because it gives us the freedom to experiment with the hidden sides of our personalities and explore things that tantalize and terrify us in everyday life.”

Cockroaches may be commonplace to the average New Yorker, but clowns? That’s a giant nope.

Tickets for the Nightmare Machine are $38 and are on sale at showclix.com. It’s open Thursdays through Sundays from Oct. 3 to 31, from 5 to 10:30 p.m.