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'Trainwreck's' LeBron James and five other athletes turned actors

Amy Schumer and LeBron James in the comedy,

Amy Schumer and LeBron James in the comedy, "Trainwreck." Photo Credit: Universal Pictures/Mary Cybulski

LeBron James, arguably the greatest basketball player of all time, proves he's no slouch on the big screen in "Trainwreck," the Amy Schumer romantic comedy opening Friday, in which he plays a version of himself serving a classic rom-com function as best friend to Bill Hader's Aaron.

In LeBron's honor, we've ranked the five best professional athletes-turned-actors of all time below. The one inescapable conclusion we've reached: More women deserve opportunities! Ronda Rousey and Gina Carano are role models, to be sure, but they're not the best at the whole acting thing. We'd love to see what Serena Williams or Abby Wambach could do with a good part.

1) Arnold Schwarzenegger
The former Mr. Universe/governor of California has carved out one of the most unique public careers of all time and there's more to his acting than meets the eye: a real craftsman with perfect comic timing who understands the twin arts of broad caricature and internalization.

2) Dwayne Johnson
The Rock might be the biggest movie star around these days, and for good reason: he's got a dynamic personality and winning charisma that automatically elevates anything he touches.

3) Jim Brown
The former NFL running back has amassed an impressive movie career, ranging from "The Dirty Dozen" to "Mars Attacks."

4) Carl Weathers
After a short NFL career, Weathers has played Apollo Creed, Chubbs from "Happy Gilmore" and himself as a recurring character on "Arrested Development," among other highlights.

5) O.J. Simpson
Look, we're sorry to have to do this but O.J. was hilarious as Nordberg in "The Naked Gun" trilogy.


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