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TV on the Radio's Kyp Malone muses on the band's new album 'Seeds'

Kyp Malone of the band TV on the

Kyp Malone of the band TV on the Radio. Photo Credit: Getty Images/Trixie Textor

There's an obvious pain in TV on the Radio guitarist Kyp Malone's voice when you mention the passing of their band mate Gerard Smith, who lost his battle with cancer in 2011. But there's also a defiant spirit that comes through when discussing their latest album, "Seeds."

amNewYork had a chance to speak Malone regarding Smith, the process behind making a TV on the Radio album and how long it takes the guitarist to actually enjoy the record once it's complete.

"Seeds" feels like a collection of songs that touches on all facets of your previous four albums. Would you agree with that assessment?
I think it's pretty fair to say. I hear different voices of TV on the Radio [on it]. But it's [too] brand new. It takes me some time to really have an opinion.

How long is that usually?
Sometimes years. Sometimes you hear it ambiently and it makes you feel uncomfortable [laughs].

Does that mean you're not a fan of your own work?
There's a moment when you're done with a song or a painting or a record and in that moment of completion, at the very moment of completion, there's a very strong feeling of excitement or pride. But then it's not yours anymore and it goes out into the world.

What was the process like putting "Seeds" together? How does the songwriting typically come together?
There's no one way that it happens. It happens a bunch of different ways. Sometimes we are all in the studio. Sometimes it was just a couple of people. Sometimes we were by ourselves. People bring in demos, people improvise [laughs]. Some collaborations came in. So many different ways imaginable short of just straight feeling someone else's song.

How difficult a decision was it to carry on without Gerard Smith? Was there ever a thought that you guys wouldn't return?
[Long pause] I hope that you, in your professional life, never have to lose someone that you care about because it's terrible. But you will probably have to pay your rent regardless. You'll still have to go out and be good at your job.

If you go: TV on the Radio is at Kings Theatre on Wednesday at 8 p.m., 1027 Flatbush Ave., Flatbush, $39.50-$45. The band is at Terminal 5 on Thursday at 8 p.m., 610 W. 56th St., 212-582-6600, $40


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