‘Two Brothers’ cartoonists Fabio Moon and Gabriel Ba deliver universal family story

amNewYork spoke with Fabio Moon and Gabriel Ba about the book.

It’s not a coincidence that twin Brazilian graphic novelists Fabio Moon and Gabriel Ba adapted the Brazilian novel “The Brothers” by Milton Hatoum.

And it’s not just because they’re twins.

“The starting point of the invitation [to adapt] is simply because it’s a story about twin brothers,” Ba says. “It’s not about twin brothers, but it has twin brothers.”

More so, the story hit on many of the issues they like to tackle — relationships and life decisions and their consequences, how one person effects the life of another, Ba says.

The award-winning brothers have spent years adapting the book into the graphic novel “Two Brothers,” available at New York Comic Con and their B&N signing Wednesday.

amNewYork spoke with Moon and Ba about the book.

How do you think this story will relate to readers outside Brazil?

Fabio Moon: There are certain themes in the story that are universal. The story is about this family of immigrants that come and build a home for themselves in a different place. That’s a story that’s universal. … The story of the brother that’s been sent away and then has to come back and is a stranger in his homeland, that’s always a very relatable story.

Is there any sibling rivalry?

Gabriel Ba: There’s no rivalry. The hard decision is who will draw the story. It’s the hardest work, and it’s also the face of the book. But we are very much on the same page that we always choose what’s best for the story.

What was the process like to adapt the book?

FM: We spent a lot of time deconstructing the novel throughout several readings and … we talked to Milton a few times. … After two years, we couldn’t stand only working on the script anymore and we started drawing.

If you go:

Fabio Moon and Gabriel Ba will be at B&N Tribeca Wednesday at 7 p.m., 97 Warren St., 212-587-5389, priority seating with purchase.

The twins will be at New York Comic Con on Saturday at the panel “Spotlight on Fabio Moon and Gabriel Ba: Different is Cool” at 11 a.m. in Room 1A18 and signing from 1-1:45 p.m. at the Dark Horse Comics booth.

Scott A. Rosenberg