‘Uninspired’ creator Becky Yamamoto talks life in NYC, teases new season

Adulting is hard.

Adulting is hard. “Uninspired,” a New York City-based web series created by comedian Becky Yamamoto, offers the comic relief you need after a long day. 

The second season of the web series was released during a special screening and launch party at Videology, at 308 Bedford Ave., on Thursday. 

Haven’t seen the first season yet? “Uninspired” will appeal to any “Broad City” fan, giving off serious laid-back millennial vibes. Season 1 followed Sarah, a 30-something New Yorker who struggles through various pitfalls of adulting, from losing her job to making sense of a seemingly dead-end relationship with her live-in boyfriend. 

Below, Yamamoto, who stars as Becky, gives us an inside look at the series and teases what we can expect from her character in the second season. Watch new episodes at uninspiredthewebseries.com.

What inspired you to create a story about a woman who is so, well, uninspired

I think NY life can be overwhelming and even though I am the captain of my own ship, sometimes I feel like I get pulled and pushed around in the sea of life. So, I wanted to make something about that. 

What went into your decision to star as the lead?

I love myself a lot. No, I mean, it’s kind of what I do as a stand-up and a performer. I write for myself. I guess I could have seen if Lena Dunham was free. 

Are there any similarities between you and your character?

Yes, totally. We look like each other. We talk like each other. I mean for the most part it is me, but less aware.

Sarah’s NYC struggles are pretty relatable. How has the city impacted the web series? 

NYC impacts the series in the same way it impacts me with the bad jobs, the weirdos I interact with and see day to day, the crappy weather and just the hustle and bustley way it craps itself into my heart. 

What NYC locations did you choose to shoot at and why? 

Blue Angel Wines in Williamsburg: Omg. They were so great. I just love that place. It’s a place I go to a lot. The people that work there are great and they have a great selection of wine and they were cool about us shooting there.

Sel Rose in Manhattan: I pulled in a favor for that. It’s a beautiful bar. I wish I could have lived in it.

Creek and the Cave in Long Island City: It’s a comedy web series spot for sure. I think it may be the setting for like 300,000 web series in the last year alone. It’s a great place to shoot ’cause it looks like it could be a bar or a restaurant. 

When we leave off, we see Sarah and her live-in boyfriend at a crossroads. What can we expect from them in the second season?

You can expect much of the same disorganized chaos and relationship confusion, less romantic, more real-life relationship.

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