Watch Lin-Manuel Miranda sing Donald Trump’s tweets

If there was a musical featuring a score by Lin-Manuel Miranda and lyrics by Donald Trump, would you go see it? The catch — the songs would feature holiday greetings that may be backhanded. 

The former “Hamilton” star gave us a taste of exactly that when he sang Trump’s tweets in a video for GQ Magazine.

“I have not changed a word of these, only added melody,” Miranda said in the video while he sat on a double-decker tour bus.

In the teaser clip for what’s called Miranda’s “new musical,” he sings three of the Republican nominee’s highly retweeted Twitter statements from significant historical dates and holidays. Yes, the Trump Tower Grill taco bowl tweet from Cinco de Mayo made the cut.

But, hearing the tweets in musical form isn’t guaranteed to make them any less controversial.

“Trump: The Musical” is coming Nov. 8 (maybe), according to the video … but it’s probably not. Sorry.