Bach in the Subways: Because sometimes even New Yorkers need to relax

The MTA is getting musical on Saturday!

Despite having the worst commute and an impending fare increase, New Yorkers have something to celebrate on the subway this Saturday: music!

Bach in the Subways Day will celebrate the 330th birthday of composer and musician Johann Sebastian Bach on March 21st, with performances in 129 cities worldwide!

In NYC, free concerts featuring Bach’s music will take place on subway platforms, though exact locations have yet to be disclosed.

Started in 2010 when cellist Dale Henderson began playing Bach’s cello suites on the subway, the movement has expanded to 39 countries since. This year, Bach in the Subways launched a Kickstarter with the fundraising goal of $15,000 to help support musicians and costs of the project.

While complaints about rising Metrocard costs may be audible all over the MTA on Saturday, try to sit back and enjoy the music of Bach, free in a subway station by you!

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